Vayak’heil / P’kudei

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All whose hearts moved them
All who were skilled – with “wise hearts”
All built the Mishkan

Exodus 35:5
Everyone whose heart so moves them shall bring gifts for God

Exodus 35:10
Let all among you who are skilled come and make all the God has commanded

The Hebrew word לב (lev = heart) is used 14 times in Vaya’kheil, the first of this week’s double portion. Seven times related to gifts brought for the Mishkan (as in verse 5 above), and seven times about the actual work done to build the Mishkan (as in verse 10 above)

Verse 5: כל נדיב לבו  (kol n’div libo) – all those with generous hearts.

Verse 10: כל חכם לב (kol chacham lev) – all those with wise hearts

For donors and for builders and for artists, for all who contribute in any way to the creation of a holy space, the effort should come from the heart.

With the reading of this week’s double portion, we complete the book of Exodus. So we say:

חזק חזק ונתחזק – Chazak, chazak v’nitchzek

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