Jonah runs from G-d
Finds himself inside a fish
Finds himself transformed


On Yom Kippur afternoon, the haftarah reading is the Book of Jonah.

I’ve always thought that it was his time alone in the belly of a giant fish that helped Jonah find teshuva – to return to G-d. But I came across an essay suggesting it was when he revealed himself to his shipmates as the one responsible for the storm (G-d’s wrath) that Jonah realized he could not run from G-d. He is transformed from “one who was trying to pretend that G-d could be escaped to one who was placing himself completely in G-d’s hands.”

While inside the fish, Jonah says, “In my trouble I called to G-d, and G-d answered me” (2:3)

Was it three days of solitude that caused Jonah to return, or did G-d answer because he had already returned?

Have you ever believed that you could run from your responsibilities? What did it take for you ¬†to return to your family, your friends, your community, your G-d? What was your “Jonah moment”?

Wishing you all an easy fast.

G’mar Tov.

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