olives and oil

Give thanks to your God
When you have eaten your fill
Birkat Hamazon

Deuteronomy 8:10
When you have eaten your fill, give thanks to Adonai your God for the good land which has been given you.

In Eikev we are commanded to give thanks for God’s bounty. This verse is part of Birkat Hamazon, our grace after meals.

Earlier this year, writing on ReformJudaism.org, Rabbi David Vaisberg reflected on the experience of reciting Birkat Hamazon. He shows us there is a deeper meaning in the prayers than a simple thank you.

In this week’s On The Other Hand podcast URJ President Rabbi Rick Jacobs asks us to consider how much we need to consume before we have “eaten our fill” and reminds us not to forget, in the midst of our blessings of plenty, those not so fortunate. He tells us about how he found a spiritual teacher in an unexpected place. His comments also inspired the choice of the image accompanying this week’s haiku.

Take a few minutes to read and listen to what these rabbis teach about giving thanks. It might change how you view these blessings the next time you recite them after having eaten your fill.



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