moses on marble

Of Torah’s five books
We finally get to one
That is “of Moses”

Torah is commonly referred to as “The Five Books Of Moses”. But are they all really “of Moses”? There are plenty of places in Torah where God instructs Moses to write down what God is telling him. That makes them, in one sense, the books “of Moses.” But there’s another way of describing the first four books:

Genesis / Bereshit – The Book Of Creation

Exodus / Shemot – The Book Of Freedom

Leviticus / Vayikra – The Book Of Priests

Numbers / Bamidbar – The Book Of Wandering

This week we begin the fifth book, Deuteronomy (D’varim), in which Moses tells his own version of the stories that were originally recorded in the previous four books – although mostly Exodus and Numbers.

It could be said that Deuteronomy is the only book “of Moses“.

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